When you want to install dollhouse windows on your dollhouse, it is very important to know 3 important factors. You must remember these factors before installing any windows in the dollhouse. If you don’t, then the wrong look will be achieved for your house.

Here are the 3 factors to always remember before trying to install any windows in your dollhouse.

1. Always choose the right windows before building the dollhouse. There is no set standard size for the windows of these houses. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Each manufacturer will vary what they offer in different ways.

Taking time to determine the windows that will be needed will help you choose the right ones. For some dollhouses, it is a good idea to buy at least one of every size for the windows that will be used. This will allow you to fit the window in exactly as it is or will allow you to cut the opening to find the right sized window.

2. Don’t install the windows until the painting has been done. If you install the windows before the painting is done, then paint can get on the window as you paint it, or it can make the windows look funny and not fit right.

Always be smart and paint the dollhouse first before adding any doors or windows to it. This way the windows won’t be ruined and will be must easier to get in the dollhouse right.

3. You must always take time to finish the window once it has been installed. Just because the window is in the dollhouse, doesn’t mean that it is done. You have to be sure that time is taken to install any trim needed on the inside of the house.

This will make the windows fit perfectly in the dollhouse. Plus, it will give it the right look once the trimming and windows are done. Having a dollhouse look right is very important. Again, be sure to paint the inside of the house before installing the trimming or the windows.

These are the 3 factors to know before installing any dollhouse windows in your dollhouse. Always keep these factors in mind and finding and installing the right windows will be much easier to do. Don’t rush through this process or the house could end up with the wrong windows and the wrong look. Prevent this by remembering these factors when dealing with the windows of the dollhouse.

Article originally published at Source by Michael Kyhnel