It's always a blessing to have a beautiful home. It's a gift which no one can steal away from you. It's your place and you belong to it. Every curtain and couch knows you in and out. The way your house take care of you, you will not like to pay back in some way. Painting it all new can be a good option. Home Painting services can cost you a bit but it's always better to invest for your peace. If the budget do not fit in we have seven easy steps on how to paint your house on your own. Mind you .. paint it like a pro .. Just like Home painting services do it.

1. Understand your space: Always study the space you want to paint. If walls are wide, how much light comes in during the day, what furniture will exactly be adjacent to wall and so on. When you exactly know what you end goal is, you can work upon it accordingly. Even a single mistake in choosing the shade may ruin your entire effort. Bright colors look great on small walls, but we recommend lighter shade for big houses. Remember home painting needs a lot of creativity and planning.

2. Get your geometry lessons right: Calculate the exact length of the wall you want to paint. This will determine the amount of paint you require. Buy or borrow a metering tape and get the exact calculations down. This will not only help you decide on shade but also the time you require to complete your work. So brush up your geometry lessons and calculate the exact area you are about to rejuvenate. Home Painting is not only creative, but it has maths as well involved in it.

3. What's the budget: Now when you have already calculated the area of ​​your wall it's now time to decide on the quality of paint you are going to use. To be very frank with developing competition and open market a lot of companies offer paint which are not expensive but still looks good. If painted well guests may even not able to differentiate between the two. It's not only the cost but the skill what counts to home painting. As you have saved on home painting services you always spent on a better paint bucket.

4. Schedule your moves: House painting is not a one day work. It is a time consuming process. You need to plan in from moving the existing furniture to cleaning the place after everything is painted. You might use your weeks for such work. This will not only save some bucks but also give you freedom to paint your house the way you always dream yourself.

5. Your team and equipment: As you have not rented any house painting service you need to have people with you to help in achieve your goals. Call friends, colleagues, relatives, friends of friends etc to help you. Even a minor contribution can help in such work to be done. To paint your home you need paint and other equipment's like brush, roller, spatula, spray, texture sheet, plastic sheet and much more. Remember caulking and hole patching are important process before you start to paint. More over you need to arrange for food for the team. They deserve it, do not they?

6. Necessity of pressure washing: To paint an apartment you need to remove the old paint. It is done effectively by pressure washing service. Although a bit expensive we recommend to hire professional even if painting it yourself. If it is still out of budget various traditional alternatives available at cheaper cost.

7. The work map: Start with the easiest of the task when doing house paint on your own. Once you gain confidence with brush you can then try at the difficult task. Remember get your basics right first once you are there can try at the difficult parts. Open up windows when you paint so that the odor does not suffocate you. Clean the promise and dispose of the used material. Just note that few of the equipment are reusable or even re sell capable for that matter.

This is what we suggest if you decide to paint the walls on your own. Always remember to consult the people who share the space with you. Home belongs to each member of family. They should have a say too. Use old clothes while working as them are most likely to get damaged. Process like pressure washing is not recommended for non professionals. They can be hazardous if done without supervision. We recommend any alternate method apart from pressure washing to clean your walls. Now when the momentum is set go ahead and start your task. More over do not forget to treat your team once the work is completed.

Article originally published at Source by John King