Let's face it, of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is probably the most neglected one. I'm sure you would rather shell out some extra cash for your living room or your entertainment space, right? But we should remember that bathrooms are heavy duty places that were made to offer comfort (hence in some places, the bathroom is also known as the "comfort room").

Would you be comfortable taking a "personal break" in a bathroom that's 50% dilapidated? I do not think so. Among the many reasons why people find it hard to do over bath areas is the fact that it is an expensive task for such a small space. More often than not, you would need to change fixtures or bath tiles just to capture a particular theme. But once you set your mind into the possibilities of making your bathroom eye-worthy, then all it really takes is a bit of inspiration and some innovative ideas to recreate your bath space!

Prior to starting this project, there are some specifics you'll need to figure out first. Are you planning on making some minor changes? Or are you hoping for a grand scale make-over? Is there stuff available that you can still use? Or does it all have to go in the garage sale? Also, how much time would you be able to spare for this so-called project? Keep in mind that remaking your bathroom can be as quick as throwing in some new drapes or towels. It can also be as extravagant as a painting job or an entirely new bathroom floor! For instance, an old bath tub can be concealed by a new shower curtain. But if you opt for a more sophisticated look, you can also try covering the tub with fiberglass; you'd be amazed at how well that works.

After thinking over the things you need to consider, its now time for you to vote for a theme. Bathrooms are generally limited in space so an Asian theme works wonders since it's clutter-free and lends a serene ambiance with its range of cool colors. It's also advisable to turn to nature for inspiration. Think of the beach or an exotic forest perhaps for some inspiration – or even some materials you could use.

If what you already have is a bathroom that is on the verge of being ancient, do not worry. Try embracing a vintage look by making use of the "antiques" that you already have. This is virtually effortless since all you need to do is polish and update what is already there. Add some spunk to the area by providing several new accessories to enhance your old-world theme!

Bath time can also be exciting for kids if you see to it that the bathroom is equipped with things that remind your little ones of their favorite cartoon movies. Indulge in underwater themes that celebrate your kid's favorite character, like Sponge Bob, for example. Complete the look with yellow accessories or a framed drawing made by your child. Believe me, it would turn every potty time or bath ritual into a trek through fantasy land that every child will enjoy.

If you are experiencing major financial cutbacks, you can update the look of your bathroom minus the splurge. Start off with a fresh coat of paint in a refreshing color that fits in with your tastes. Instead of mall finds, why not tour your own home for decorative pieces that you can polish, re-make or update? Be sure that you utilize different things that will ultimately blend well together. A nice photo from your own collection, or a unique jar from your study can be arranged in ways that compliment your existing theme. It does not have to be expensive to be drool-worthy.

Once you finish this make-over project, I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself spending more time in a luxurious bath!

Article originally published at Source by Jacob Ginsbrook