When the weather outside is no longer sprinkled with temperatures in the upper 70s (or higher) and snow clouds are hovering in the distance, then the thoughts turn to the cold days of winter. Plans for bonfires, winter festivals, bowls of succulent stews and pots of hot drinks are combined with pulling out the winter clothes and keeping warm when spending time outdoors. Of course, each person has their own idea of winter clothing! However, one of the warmest and softest cold weather fabric choices available is mohair. Not so sure, then consider these benefits of mohair.

Not itchy

Mohair, unlike wool, does not have the microscopic scales that often cause one to itch. Consequently, mohair is softer making it perfect for a variety of clothing items. It should be noted, that while most associate mohair as being ideal only for winter clothing, it is also used in summer clothing as it serves as heat barrier, thus helping one stay cooler.


Mohair can be twisted and bent without damaging the fiber. In fact, it is one of the most resilient animal fibers available as it can be stretched up to 30% larger than its original size and then spring back into shape. Testing has also found that mohair is stronger than an equal sized piece of steel.


Because its fibers do not irritate the skin, mohair is ideal for people who are hypersensitive to fabrics. In addition, its softness means that products like fabric softeners are not needed. Socks made from mohair are ideal as they actually get softer with laundering plus they resist odors by neutralizing bacteria.


Mohair will not burn unless exposed to direct flame. Testing has found that when mohair is placed under, or near, a flame it tends to shrivel into a bead; but when taken away from the flame the burning stops instantly. Because of this, many children’s clothing and toys were once made from mohair.


Mohair can be dyed nearly any color and those colors do not fade over time. Because of its fibers, mohair actually causes color to be reflected more directly making the color even more intense.

Interesting tidbit

Mohair is one of the oldest textile fibers in use and gets its name from an Arabic word meaning “choice” or “select.”

Mohair has been around for years and can be used in a variety of clothing. Consequently, when looking for that must have material to boost your winter wardrobe it is a perfect choice. So, as you shop for the warmest clothes for the season, take some time trying out items made with mohair. You are sure to like it!

Article originally published at Source by Janet Slagell