Paint is an affordable and simple way to instantly update a space without spending a fortune. A freshly painted room is bright and clean while a recently painted piece of furniture feels new again.

Keep reading to learn 5 different ways you can use paint as an inexpensive redecorating tool.

1. Painting Walls

It's basic, but painting a wall is the easiest way to get maximum impact for minimal cost. When updating a space, opt for either a neutral color or one that fits in with your existing color palette.

Remember, you can always ask for samples or purchase a small tin if you want to take a few colors home and try them out on your wall before you commit.

2. Painting Ceilings

A fresh coat of white ceiling paint will instantly make a room feel bigger and brighter. Say goodbye to dingy, yellowing, cracked ceilings and hello to a room that feels taller and more alive.

If you're painting a textured ceiling, expect to use 15-20 percent more paint than you would for a flat wall of the same dimensions.

3. Painting Your Front Door

Brighten up your house with a new, red door. Start by removing the door off its hinges and taking off all the hardware. Use masking tape to cover the hinges and any glass. Then, paint away. Be sure to use an outdoor-graduated paint for any outside doors.

4. Updating Cabinetry

If you can not afford to install all new cabinetry in your kitchen, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Start by figuring out if your cabinets have been painted before and if so, what kind of paint was used. If the previous owners used an oil-based paint, you'll need to use an oil primer.

Start the project by removing all the doors, drawers and hardware. Then, give all the pieces a thorough cleaning and possible sanding. Next, apply two or three coats of primer. Remember, your cabinets get banged around every day so you want a paint job that's tough and durable.

Finally, apply a few coats of your paint color with a foam roller and then use a paint brush to spread the paint and give your cupboards an even finish.

5. Refinishing Outdoor Furniture

It's easy to instantly update outdoor furniture with little more than a can of spray paint. Plastic, wicker and bamboo patio furniture can all be sprayed with the right type of paint. So, do not throw away that old patio set – paint it!

Article originally published at Source by Greg Fisher