What are the best colors to use on the Gold Coast to keep our homes cool?

The Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia enjoys a wonderful sub tropical climate. In Summer our scorching temperatures and humidity send most of us running for the beach or cranking that air conditioning up. However in our homes not everyone wants air conditioning. On the Gold Coast we tend to enjoy outdoor living and prefer our homes to be open plan and opened up to the outside. With that being the case most people want to know the best colors to cool their homes down.

Different colors reflect or absorb different amounts of light. Black absorbs almost all the light that hits it whereas white absorbs almost none. The light that gets absorbed by a color is turned into heat. So dark colors are dark because they absorb light light instead of reflecting it and because light colors absorb very little light it there before it does not get converted into heat.

We can see that light colors are obviously more cool and darker coolers are more warm but it would be pretty boring if we all just had light colors. While light colors are going to be the better choice for the Gold Coast climate it does not mean we can not use darker accent colors even if it's just on trims.

Paint colors have the ability to lift moods, change the atmosphere, create light, make rooms appear larger or smaller as well as absorbing or reflecting light. That's why it's best to take into consideration everything that will be in the room and where the windows are. What light naturally enters the room and at what time.

Paint colors as we have discovered are either warm or cool. Light colors tend to be cooler and usually make a room appear larger and brighter as they are expansive and airy. Dark colors tend to be warm and sophisticated creating an intimate appearance in larger rooms.

When choosing interior paint colors on the Gold Coast it's important to take our hot climate into consideration. Do not forget colors can attract the heat. In a hot climate like the Gold Coast it's probably best to choose colors that are cool but having said that if you have a large room that rarely sees sun and is freezing in the winter then choose a warmer color there.

The following are the main colors and their characteristics:

Neutral Colors include black, gray, white and brown

Neutral colors can be either cool or warm and have the advantage of being versatile. All colors go with a neutral color scheme. Black is a wonderful accent color with neutrals. Timber stands out against neutrals and color can be added with décor items. The right painting or rug for example will really stand out in a neutral color scheme. Neutral colors typically make a room appear larger.


Red is a rich and sophisticated color that is definitely bold and dominant in characteristic. Restaurants sometimes use red as it stimulates the appetite and conversation. Red of course is associated with hunger but also passion and anger. Red has the ability to invoke excitement and raises energy levels. It is a warm color and looks great as a feature wall but should not be used as all over wall color unless the room is very large.


Blue is a very relaxing serene color that is very calming. It is a cool color. For this reason it is used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Of course there are many shades of blue. If a room gets very little natural light then a pastel blue can appear chilly. For a relaxing mood in say a kitchen or family area then go with a brighter blue like turquoise. Cobalt blue is vibrant and has a stimulating energy that invokes happiness and comfort.


Yellow is actually a warm vibrant color that is energizing and uplifting. It creates happiness and images of sunshine. It's a good color for kitchens and bathrooms where an uplifting color is needed. Yellow is cheery and welcoming making a small space seem larger. Although yellow is bright happy color it is advised to use it sparingly.


Green is a combination of blue and yellow and has the ability to be either cool or warm. Green can be vivid and refreshing or soft and calming. Any room in the house will look good using a shade of green. If used in a family room green can induce unwinding and comfort. A medium green can cool things down in a kitchen. Green has the ability to help people relax and it's a color that relieves stress.


Purple is a rich sophisticated dramatic color that is often associated with royalty. Purple invokes a sense of luxury and creativity and is perfect as an accent color or secondary color. Eggplant is a very dramatic and rich shade of purple that can look great as a feature wall but should not be overdone as it is a very heavy color. Light shades of purple such as lilac and lavender are very relaxing and restful which are perfect for bedrooms. Purple is a mixture of Red (warm) and Blue (cool) so it can take on either property. The darker shades of purple such as eggplant would be warmer than say a lilac.

Article originally published at Source by Catherine Laker