So you've decided to paint the outside of your house again but your a little nervous as your last experience had you repainted the room three time before finally getting the right color onto the walls. Well do not fret it anymore as I'm about to tell your how best to get it right the very first time. Choosing the right colors will not only dazzle you and your friends but also those who might be interested in buying your home should you ever decide to sell it? Do you need an expert to decide the blend of colors to paint onto those walls? Maybe, but these simple approaches to finding what works best has a proven track record of making homeowners happy with the colors they finally decided upon after using these approaches to discovery Many people elect to choose safe exterior colors like white's and green's, maybe you want something different but not shocking! Here are some successful approaches:

  • Light affects the way colors appear to us. Bright sunlight will mute colors and they will appear flattered. Lighter colors forward the appearance of your home where as darker colors tend to make the home recede. So what does this mean? Well it means dark colored homes will appear smaller, where as light colored homes will tend to make the home appear larger in size. So now you may have answered the question as to why so many people have chosen a lighter colored house. I would say that they want the home to appear larger, as one day the possibility of selling the home becomes a reality, as most people want a larger house.
  • Many people make the mistake of painting the rainwater down spouts the same color as the rain gutters that are attached to the fascia board, as they are attached to one another. Do not make this mistake! Rainwater downspouts should be faded into the body of the house, not stand out!

Article originally published at Source by Petar Stark