Color has such a great impact to people on almost every aspect of their lives. It contributes to one's personality, behavior and way of living. In attending a special event like weddings, birthday parties, death anniversary, Valentine's Day and Christmas, people from different continents share a tradition of picking certain colors of to-wear clothes based on the occasion being attended to. For instance, when going to a death anniversary, most people from the Philippines prefer to wear white or black clothes or dresses. During Valentine's Day, some countries from Asia choose to wear Red colored clothes to take the part. It's not just in the way people dress up that color has obviously an effect. It can also happen when choosing cars, buying home appliances or home decors and most commonly when in the process of painting a house.

Some people believe in color symbolism and color psychology. Color symbolism refers to the use of color as a symbol through culture while Color psychology reiterates to investigating the effect of color on human behavior and feeling. It has long been acknowledged by many people of different origins.

It is believed that seeing a particular color caused particular emotions, thus affecting our behavior, perception, action and even decision. You might ask, "Why decision?" Let's say for example, a couple is buying a new house. There were over 20 homes that they've visited but only one outstood and that's the one they bought. The exterior house color scheme was dazzling. Besides having an exceptional interior exterior painting, the factor that made it appealing to the couple was the conviction that color Red represents luck, fortune, happiness, success and love. The couple was Chinese. See how color orientation affects a person's decision?

But this does not imply that you paint your houses red so that Chinese people will love it. It only shows that colors have a great impact in some aspects of our lives most commonly in house painting. There are many well-known color designers to help you make the perfect choice in color scheme. But this will be another expense along the whole painting and decorating process itself. Always make sure that your painting contractor knows Colors at the back of their hands to avoid spending your time, effort and money.

Article originally published at Source by Micah Lacsamana