It can be tough to find a good commercial painter these days. You have to take a few points into consideration when choosing a painting contractor .

A – I would first check out the company, make sure and it has a good track record with no complaints against him find out how long it has been operating and how experienced his working staff is. Also find out if the manager or supervisor is on the job full time

B – Find out where the contractor is based out of and if you might want to consider someone to be doing some exterior painting because if they are living close by they will know the weather conditions on the whole for the region if the contractor is close by then he might be able to afford to come in on days where the forecast is for rain but sometimes it does not rain and the work could have been done but someone who lives far away might not take a chance with the weather forecast.

C – It is good to get some referrals in the form of testimonials or something to get a good judgment for their work hopefully you're getting these testimonials from reliable honest people, what would you ask them do what they promised to do and on time and for the same money?

D – Find out if the contractor requires a deposit, of course this is why you look into their previous history and their references

E – Depending on what you want to do it would be advisable to ask questions on the project. Questions like how long do you think it will take to do the paint job. How many men or going to do the paint job. Is there going to be a full-time manager on the job. Will they stay on the job until the job is completed.

It is strongly advised that the details of the contract are written down clearly and concisely in plain English with all the details that matter to both parties mutually agreeing on the content of the contract. If time is important and that should be in the contract to finishing date. If installations are required then there should be interviews where a draw can be taken for the contractor. And anything else that you might consider to be important because this is the time to make it clear, not after the contractor has already started.

Article originally published at Source by Vic Nagy