Every trip to the furniture store is about balance. That is, finding the best deals while still getting pieces made out of quality material, identifying the perfect sizes, and complimenting the current household decor while keeping up with hot new trends. Thankfully, a trip to the furniture store makes all of these decisions much easier than when attempting to shop online. They can help you find that distinctive yet durable bathroom mirror or that side table that has a charging port installed to hide unwieldy wires. Here are some furniture styles sweeping across contemporary homes to be on the lookout for.

70s Cycling Back

Yes, the 1970s. However, that doesn’t mean TVs with bunny ears and garish painting choices are springing up around American living rooms. Designers are starting to appreciate floral patterns, if not a bit more muted than your grandma’s couch. In addition, ceilings are being put back into use. Chandeliers, dangling art, and hanging lamps are being explored once more as a great creative outlet. Don’t be afraid to head to the local furniture store and experiment with lighting options that double as beautiful ornaments that tie the room together.

Kitchen Colors

Kitchens have officially been freed from all-white purgatory. More people are using brassy metals to accent their tools, cabinets, and trimmings around the kitchen area. These provide a spark of classy color while also offsetting the white, sterile tendencies. Another trend on the rise is using black stainless steel on fridges, microwaves, and among kitchen utensils. The black may be too stark if combined with an all white room but looks tremendous when surrounded with softer colors.

Technological Footprint

Most of us want to be connected at any given moment, but sometimes we need an escape too. Wires are becoming a thing of the past, and furniture can help promote that. Coffee tables with layers of shelving will separate you from technology and turn “out of sight, out of mind,” into truth. Furthermore, small, conveniently placed holes allow for instantaneous charging when work really needs to get done. Stand up desks, and back support pillows let the user maintain proper posture and overall health while checking email or surfing the web.

Warm Bathrooms

Sometimes pastel paints and color patterns give the bathroom a feeling of warmth and other times they are warmed with heated floors. Bathrooms are becoming more luxurious, acknowledging all the time we spend in them, with plush chairs and slender end tables giving off a welcoming vibe. Almost any smaller piece found at a furniture store can be placed into these ever-expanding bathrooms.


The most popular and well-known texture that has been making an explosion is reclaimed wood, which can be claimed from driftwood, old barns, or other furniture. The rough finish and reassuring density give off a nice contrast to sleek technology devices and metals. A coffee table that used to be a surfboard or a dining table that used to be a barn door give the house a unique feel and are an awesome conversation starter.

Article originally published at Source by Andrew Stratton