What side effects are there on your children, pets and plants?

Dog Rocks are an Australian invention marketed throughout the world as a bullet proof way of putting to an end all those awful burnt and dead patches in your lawn caused by your pet dog’s urine.

So, what are the side effects of using Dog Rocks to combat those nasty burnt and dead patches in your lawn? The short answer is none. There are no known medical side effects or undesirable consequences of using Dog Rocks in your pet dog’s drinking water container.

Dog Rocks are an all Australian product that has been mined from an Australian quarry. This product is an igneous volcanic rock (basalt, in particular) that has certain para-magnetic qualities.

When this product is placed in your pet dog’s drinking water the only side effect experienced is in the reduction of the level of nitrates present in the drinking water. By reducing the water’s nitrate level, the pet dogs are passing urine with minimal nitrate content, hence, less burning of the lawn. The process of nitrate reduction occurs on day 1 within 12 hours.

Dog Rocks are extracted and sold to the consumer without any alterations apart from being graded for size dimensions suitable for sale in small bags. They are as natural as the day they were mined. Being a natural product means they can not harm human, pets and plants.

There are many distributors of the product, mainly in Australia, The United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Article originally published at Source by Gerry Faehrmann