People in nearly every generation love Elvis and they like to show this appreciation with crafts. There are certain things that make Elvis special. He was a hit in his own time and he continues to be a hit well after his death. You can use these crafts for many different reasons. If you are a particularly large Elvis fan, then you may want to decorate a room in your house with these crafts. Or, you could celebrate either your own birthday, or Elvis’s birthday with these crafts as well.

The biggest Elvis craft is the velvet Elvis. This is a painting of Elvis made on black velvet. You can do this yourself fairly easily if you have some proficiency in painting. Even if you do, this can be a really fun activity to do that can really get your creative juices flowing. Find a picture of Elvis’s face that you really like, and then paint that image onto the velvet. You can then hang this up in your home’s regular décor, or you could use it as a focal point for a party. What you choose is completely up to you.

Elvis crafts are great because you can really show your appreciation for your favorite entertainer. These crafts are easy to do so that you can have fun with the making of them as well. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination while making crafts related to Elvis. You could use his music and his movies for inspiration while you create.

Article originally published at Source by Gail Leino