Exterior house painting is not a simple job as a lot of research and planning is to be done before initiating the process. Selecting the wrong color scheme can ruin the entire look of your house making it a big joke among the neighborhood. At the same time, by making wise choices and listening to valuable advises you can craft your home to be the most welcoming and elegant one in the vicinity. The result solely depends on the time spent on planning and putting things together after studying the color schemes and of course the hard work really pays at the end.

Step into the rainbow of colors to learn more about the four different generic styles to be adopted to improve the market potential of your house by making it more appealing than before.

1. Single Colored Exterior House Painting Pattern – This is also known as the monochromatic color scheme and the most common scheme adopted. Here a single color is used to paint the exterior of the house along with two or more shades of the same color preferred for highlighting purpose. It is a risk free option as you don’t have to play or try your luck on different colors and at the same time it gives priority to every single feature of the house making it look perfect.

2. Complementary Exterior House Painting Pattern – This color scheme offers the ideal platform for color experimentation with two complementary colors for the exterior. The colors present opposite in the palette spectrum are known as the complementary colors. The house receives an overall lively and sparkling appeal with the perfect blend of two shades out of which one is dominant and bright where as the other two or three complements the beauty magnificently.

3. Tricolored Exterior House Painting Pattern – Three colors are used in this scheme that is present within equal distance in the palette spectrum. To adopt this plan, professional help is mandatory as it is a complex and a messy choice. Without expert advice, the house can turn out to be either vibrant and wacky or dull and silly. On the other hand, by choosing the perfect triadic color system the house can turn out to be beautiful, brilliant, sparkling and highly attractive!

4. Analogous Exterior House Panting Pattern – This color scheme is also known as the adjacent house exterior paint scheme as the colors adjacent to each other in the color wheel are chosen. Here, one prominent color is used and the rest are preferred for highlighting purpose. Even though it is a tricky pattern, it is much easier than the tricolor scheme as there is a perfect harmony between the colors chosen.

Selecting the ideal scheme is one such important feature among many to make your house a paradise. At the same time there are other important things to be considered like the quality of the paint, the professional help, budget and season of coloring plays a vital role in gaining the best results.

Article originally published at Source by Rizvana Abdul