An exterior painting job for a residential home or commercial business involves the most important aesthetic part of the structure. A good paint job can make or break the appearance of a building. Hiring a professional and well-run paint company that shows up on time and does excellent work is important. These are a few of the most important questions to ask potential paint companies before hiring them for the big job.

What Materials Will Be Used?

Many people may not think to ask, but knowing what brands and types of paint the company plans on using is important. Some places may try to use cheaper alternatives, and it may be wise to inquire, especially if there is a specific color from a particular brand desired. Some may also use older materials, so it’s good to have a conversation about products and application tools in order to make sure the latest techniques are being used.

Payment Options

Payment is also a topic that customers may not like to talk about up front. But it’s a good idea to ask if there are any upfront costs or options to make payments. Making partial payments as the job progresses is likely the best strategy. Any business that requires a large, immediate payment or deposit may be trying to get their money as soon as possible and could end up doing a sloppy job.

Is There Insurance Coverage?

It’s crucial to know where each party stands when it comes to insurance coverage policies. If any damage is done to the house while the exterior painting is being completed, the homeowner needs to know who will be held responsible. It’s also not just the home; making sure the painters have liability insurance protects any other possessions that may become damaged in the process, such as automobiles. Ask about employee insurance policies in case anyone gets injured on the job.

Employee Backgrounds

It’s also smart to ask about employee credentials and backgrounds. Just because you speak to the company owner or manager, it doesn’t mean that’s who will be doing the actual, on-site work. Make sure the employees are skilled and insured. For example, some places may try to save costs by hiring younger, inexperienced workers who are friends or relatives. Competent businesses should be able to supply you with the names of their painters and also references proving their qualifications.

Lead Paint Policies

Lead-based paint can be found in homes and buildings built before the late 1970s. For this reason, it is important to know a potential painting company’s lead eradication policies. Homeowners should make sure that the painters properly remove the old paint in a proper manner. Even sanding down old surfaces can cause lead particles to circulate in the air. A reputable business will go over any concerns about lead and will explain their methods of dealing with such surfaces.

Knowing the right questions to ask before hiring a company to do exterior painting not only makes the building or remodeling process easier, but it ensures that the job will be done professionally and efficiently.

Article originally published at Source by Ace Abbey