Think about relaxing with your favorite set of slippers on your feet and you need to take them off because your feet are sweating! With many of the today’s man made synthetic slippers, people complain about sweating feet. Solve the sweaty feet problem by wearing boiled wool slippers.

Haflinger slippers, specifically boiled wool slippers, will keep your feet warm and dry. Because of the way boiled wool is made, it is a natural source of insulation for your foot, and it also wicks away moisture. These wool slippers also work well in warm weather climates, as the wool’s natural abilities keep the moisture away and the foot stays cool.

Gone are the days of scratchy heavy wool. How can scratchy, itchy wool end up so soft and appealing? After going through a heating, boiling, and shrinking process, the wool becomes felted. The fibers are locked together during the shrinking process and that helps the wool retain its size and shape. It is also stretchable, so those boiled wool slippers can stretch and mold to the feet.

The Haflinger slippers come in a variety of styles and colors. The indoor slippers have a molded arch support to help provide an appropriate fit. The indoor/outdoor slippers are handy for the person that likes to walk outside to take out the garbage, walk the dog or get the paper without having to change their footwear. The rubber outsole is waterproof, which is nice for those needing to walk in a little snow or rain.

Article originally published at Source by Grace Heemstra