Hidden gun storage places become more and more popular among gun keepers. You could hide your ammunition from your children or from thieves. What makes it special is the fact that you can make it by your own. First, that would be more reliable, and second, this is a great cause for pride. Whatever the reason is, it is made the following way step by step:

  1. Determine the exact dimensions. You need to take measures – height, which depends on the type of weapons, width and depth of the case. It should be comfortable, safe and tall, because you don’t know whether your collection will be bigger in the future. Of course, the size of the case or cabinet depends on the number of weapons stored inside.
  2. Choose proper materials. Determine whether it will have additional shelves inside or not. Moreover, it should be durable and reliable, made of ordinary sheet steel or wood.
  3. Choose appropriate welding technique and do it correctly for storing your weapon.
  4. Choose the key or security system that will be effective enough.
  5. Paint it as you like and set it in a safe place.

How to Make Gun Storage Hidden?

Now you’ve learnt how to do a gun case or cabinet, there is another lesson explaining how to do it hidden. First of all, it should be a perfect place from which you can take it easily, while others can’t. For instance, it could be placed behind some things in your house, or it could even be disguised. It means you can build a box inside the wall or wardrobe and make it look like a closet for hats, shoes or something like that.

You can place your weapon:

  1. in a cereal box;
  2. behind fake electrical outlets;
  3. in the built-in closet near the door;
  4. in a hidden box behind the painting or mirror;
  5. in a specially formed bookcase;
  6. inside your couch;
  7. in a tall concealment clock.

After all, a bookcase is the most popular decision. But such a bookcase needs to be carefully constructed. You should take into account such characteristics as:

  • it should fit into your interior;
  • it should not look weird;
  • all books should have appropriate length and width;
  • you need to put the chosen books together and connect them, using glue;
  • you need to place your gun in this box and camouflage it with other books;
  • it’s better to put it on the very top of the shelf.

The Main Reason Why You should Hide Your Weapons

Whether you will use a hidden gun storage place or not, there are some reasons why you will need one. For example, it helps keeping guns away from your children. It also allows storing all dangerous stuff in one place and protecting it from thieves. If you don’t want any problems, it’s better to figure out how to put your weapon in a safe place.

As you can see, creating of a unique hidden storage place or even special cabinet can be as easy as buying a ready one. It can make you feel safe and comfortable in your house.

Article originally published at Source by Jimmy Brane