Time once again to get the outside of your home painted? So have you decided how you are going to choose the right exterior house paint colors?

A big head no doubt

Choosing the right stuff for the exterior can be a big pain and most of it would of course stem from indecision. Picking a color that is wishy-washy is not going to help at all because then none of the trim work will contrast with it.

On the other hand, if you pick a color that is very strong and vibrant, it would be in total contrast with the trim color and you might end up making your precious home look like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

You need the right colors!

Of that there is not a "shade" of doubt. But how do you know just what are the right colors? Here is how you can get the best …
· Hire a painting contractor or a professional.
· This may sound a bit odd, but you could do well to take a close look at the houses of your neighbors. You could get a lot of ideas and inspiration from them.
· Take a look at the colors of your bricks or roof or siding – based upon these colors you may be able to establish a baseline for picking a color so as to be able to harmonize with them.
· Consider the different features that your house has. It may be a good idea if you painted these different features using different colors. For instance you could use various colors related to your doors, windows, decks, pillows, shutters, moldings, etc.
· Take a walk away from your house and from a distance take a close look at it. Remember, it is your house. Now think of how you would want to paint it, without making it look lopsided.

These tips would certainly help you to choose the right exterior house paint colors.

Article originally published at Source by Marline Tepper