House Paint – which ones are the best to use? Are you starting your own painting or home improvement business and you need to decide which type of house paint to use? Here are 4 important tips about choosing paintings you might want to know more about.

These Tips Will Help As A Guideline For Which Paints To Use …

1. A Good Brand Name – Using a name brand paint that is welcomed in any of the finer homes is important. If you think that people do not care about what kind of paint you use in or on their home, think again. Customers do notice brands.

And since the customer that you are painting for is paying for all that labor and materials they will want you to use the best paint available on the market. In my area Benjamin Moore is a trusted name that is welcome in any home.

Now Benjamin Moore has different levels of quality just as all the other paint manufacturers do, so I am talking about using their premium grade of interior and exterior paints when doing custom painting in peoples homes.

2. Supply and Convenience – I like to save my gas as well as my time by not having to drive way across town every time I need paint. Sherwin Williams is a very convenient choice for a paint supplier because they have stores at several locations around town (at least in my town they do).

I also favor them because they have a wide selection of paints, primers and professional painting tools at affordable prices. If you need a paint sprayer they carry the best ones on the market as well as the accessories to go along with it.

3. Commercial Vs. Premium Grades – if you are doing commercial jobs there are some great mid-grade paints and primers that both work well and save painters money per gallon.

Again though, if you are doing custom residential work you are going to not only want to use a good name brand, you also want to use the best quality paints that each paint manufacturer offers. After all, your customers deserve the best. When painting rental properties, new construction, etc. you can use mid-grades. These paintings are usually pretty good performance wise.

If you are painting a fancy restaurant type of commercial property for example you may want to use the premium grades because of the type of business it is. You will just have to judge each commercial job by who they are and what type of operation it is.

4. Know Your Coatings – industrial and commercial contractors spend a lot of time studying and keeping up with coatings because of the unusual applications they are using them for.

While the residential / commercial painter does not have to learn specialized coatings as much we still need to know which paintings are best for walls, ceilings, trim and for exterior use. Some products save time and money and some make our work look its best as well.

Getting to know your paintings, primers and enamels is important. For example, now days with oil base coatings being as they are VOC wise, I know which enamels are the best and easiest to use when I need a solvent-based paint.

I also know which enamels I like or that perform best for me when it comes to latex coatings. The same thing goes for wall and ceiling paint. I know what I like best to use and which products give me the least trouble or which ones make the job the easiest.

This all comes through using various products on our jobs. For example, once I find a flat ceiling or wall paint that I like best I tend to stay with it as much as possible. If it cuts in good and leaves a nice, smooth, even surface appearance I will use it a lot.

Article originally published at Source by Lee Cusano