VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gasses that are emitted by paint that are potentially harmful to your health. To explain in layman's terms what VOCs are … when you apply wet latex paint to an interior wall or trim surface, that paint will usually dry within 30 minutes. As the paint dries like glue to the wall it releases gases from its liquid form. In unventilated areas, those gases over time can be harmful to human lungs. Most higher quality level paintings now dry with very low gases that enter the air. So, with a professional painter using good quality paint, you can be assured that the air you breathe before and after applying paint is safe.

Paints with low or no VOCs also allow families to quickly enjoy their freshly painted homes without having to wait for strong odors to fade away.

Painting your home "green" does not necessarily mean a higher price. Your paint contractor should be willing to work with your budget to suit your family's needs and your concern for the environment.

Tips for "Green" Painting:

  • Only buy as much paint as you need for your project.
  • To clean your brushes after use, use a container of water rather than under a running faucet.
  • Avoid pouring excess paint down a drain. It could potentially harm a stream or other area of ​​water.
  • If your paint container is almost empty, let it dry out completely, without the lid, before throwing it out.
  • Give your excess paint to someone who can use it, such as a neighbor or a non-profit organization.

Article originally published at Source by Geoff A Sharp