If asked what their favorite color is, most people can produce an answer. However, when most people are asked if they would paint their house with this color, the answer is not always yes. It takes a very brave person, for example, to paint their home with their favorite color if that color is pink or yellow, or another bold color.

There are many ways to pick a color for your house painting, including references other homes that have been painted with a color that catches your eye or turning elsewhere for inspiration.

Most neighborhoods are filled with homeowners who choose to stick with gray and brown tones for their house painting. These tones can be very attractive, especially when paired with the natural landscape surrounding the home. Gray and brown tones tend to be a safer choice for exterior home painting, because you probably won’t have to deal with neighbors being disgruntled at having to look at your brown exterior home painting every day. Other safe choices include blue tones, which tend to be a choice for someone looking for a calming color. Green is also a fairly common house painting color and can pair well with the home’s landscaping.

Other people choose to coordinate their home’s exterior home painting with their inside painting colors. This can be a fun and creative way to choose a color for your house painting and can impress visitors to your home with the thoughtfulness of your choice.

No matter how you go about choosing a color for your house painting, it is always a good idea to choose one that you know you will be satisfied with until the home needs repainting again.

Article originally published at Source by Vickie Faria