Here are some secrets that even some professionals do not know about painting.

They offer what's called a cut bucket at Porters or Sherwin Williams or Home depot or wherever you prefer. This bucket is what you pour your paint into while carry it around your house painting. This is used for dunking your brush in to get more paint on your brush to continue painting. Normal painters set there brush across the bucket letting it to dry out the bristles and also allows paint to drip on the floor or ground. Well I use a tool made for hanging plants on your ceiling or outside and it looks like a question mark. (It is called a standard metal screw hook) Take your standard metal screw hook and screw it right into your Purdy Brush right above the metal near the handle (preferably in the center of the brush) Screwing this in takes some strength so if you are a woman painting just ask your husband or handy person in your neighborhood to do it for you. Now you have a brush holder that you can hang your brush on the inside of your cut bucket allowing the bristles to stay wet in the paint and not ever drip anywhere. That is a personal secret that so called pros do not even know.

The pressure washing and the caulking of the windows can all be done in the same day.

The next thing is deciding what color you are going to use and how much paint will be needed. The decision for this is based off from wether your house is block, stucco, or vinyl. Each Gallon covers almost 275 feet if the surface is flat such as block or vinyl, if you are painting stucco is reduces that amount consideredable. You could get only 200 feet per gallon if that is the case.

Buy your paint in five gallon containers this saves you money and if your house is a smaller house you can get by with two to three five gallon buckets. Always buy a extra empty bucket from the paint store they always come in handy. If you chose a color to paint your house than you open two five gallon buckets and pour half of a bucket into your empty bucket then your half half out of the other five gallon bucket. Repeat this step multiple times. This not only mixes the paint it assure's the color is consistent. If you have a third five gallon bucket you open that and bucket that into your quarter quarter filled bucket so once again you are keeping your paint looking the same. Paint store's machines are not perfect and the color of one bucket may be a shade or two off so this again keeps your consistency right. Go around the house and dig down a few inches so that you can paint lower than ground level and always paint the bottom of your sections last to keep the paint out of your brush. Time to tape the windows again, this time run your tape down the exterior metal on your window keeping your tape straight with the caulk you applied the day before. (Yes you are panting your caulk the color of the house) You have three to four inches from the front or side of your house to the window frame and you should always use a brush for that but seeing you taped and caulked properly it is very easy to do. (Again when you are taping your windows use the blue tape).

Article originally published at Source by Theodore Price