When you talk about painting many people run and hide, just like my husband, he turns all shades of gray at the thought. I personally love it; it makes such a statement in your home for a small amount of money. Masking takes up a huge amount of time. What if you did not need to mask? It can become much easier with a few time saving tips.

Before you start, make sure you are very organized. Make a list and get everything you need. Do this at least a day the day before, never on the day of the job. Nothing is worse than having to stop in the middle of the job and run to get something you forgot. Organization will make your job so much easier.

Some of the things I love and use are blue painter's tape, special tape that adheres well and it does not pull paint off adjoining walls. And you can keep it on for an extended period of time. My favorite drop cloths have paper on the top and plastic adhered to the bottom. Nothing is worse than just plastic, anything wet and it becomes a skating ring. My husband was working on a very high ceiling, on the ladder, on a plastic drop cloth. I heard him yell and then a clunk, it was so loud that both kids came running in. The ladder slid away from the wall, he was able to jump onto a landing close by and did not get hurt or even spill a drop. But we have never had another plastic drop cloth in our house.

No masking! It is your day of freedom. The secret is in the brush, and a little practice. Get a high quality 2 1/2 inch angled brush. The technique is … after dipping the brush into the bucket wipe only one side of the brush off against the bucket; this is the side of the brush that will be against the area not painted. Go close to the edge running the brush along that unpainted area slowly. You will be able to judge how close you need to be when you start putting pressure and moving the brush. Go no more than 5-6 inches and reload the brush. Practice this technique it will make your life easier, and the job will take less time, and save you money.

Do not start working until you have created an environment that makes you happy. My husband and I blast our favorite rock and roll music. Then we challenge each other to see who can get the most accomplished in an hour. After that hour we reward ourselves with a treat (something really good). It is amazing how much we accomplish in that hour and have fun doing it.

Article originally published at Source by Glenda Millette