Interior painting is an excellent investment when putting your home on the market. When you are trying to sell your home a new coat of paint can make a world of difference in its perceived value. With the residential real estate market in a current state of limbo your house needs every advantage it can get. Boosting your homes feel with a fresh coat will make a marked impression on home shoppers and greatly improve your chances of selling your house in a buyers market.

When putting your property on the market you want to create an atmosphere that makes it easy for prospects to envision how their furniture, frames and cases will fit the place when they move in. A light earthy finish on the walls with white flat ceilings and semi gloss doors and trim is the recommendation of the day and earth tones are the easiest group from which to choose your color. Also consider that including accent walls here and there will give the place a more custom and stylish look with little added expense.

Depending on your budget you may want to do it yourself and save some money. However you could save some time and hire a pro to do the job for you. Get at least two quotes to compare price and proposals. By following up on there references with a couple quick phone calls you could save yourself even more time and possibly some hassle too. Ask your friends neighbors and real estate agent for a recommendation if you want help you can be sure about.

Taking these little steps can give you an upper hand in your local market. If you are putting your home on the market and want to increase its perceived value, freshen it up with some interior painting.

Article originally published at Source by Steve Wall