Metal storage cabinets are often heavy and cumbersome, but those old file cabinets can be put to good use. By utilizing them as part of a contemporary design strategy, you can refurbish and transform those old metal cabinets into unique and innovative storage solutions.

For some great DIY ideas using metal file cabinets that you can do, keep reading.

Paint it Up

You can instantly give your metal storage cabinets an updated and fresh look with metal or auto paint. The appeal of auto paint is that it’s designed for use on metal and comes in a wide variety of colors.

You can jazz it up with stenciled or geometric patterns or simply go with a solid, fresh, new color that matches your design strategy.

Before you start applying paint, wash your cabinets with a gentle soap and water mixture to clean off any debris or grease that can prevent the paint from adhering to the metal.

Once the cabinet is dry, either remove or cover the handles to avoid painting them. Now, you’re ready to paint. Apply even layers in a downward motion and allow the paint to dry between layers. Ideally, you want to apply at least three coats to get a sheen and professional finish.

Sewing or Crafts Storage Solution

Who says a filing cabinet has to hold files? Utilize that storage space to house your hobby, craft or sewing supplies in one convenient location. Start by organizing your supplies into categories like notions, fabric scraps, accessories and patterns.

Then, label each drawer with a Polaroid photo or printed label indicating the contents. You can even paint your labels right on the drawers using a stencil and metal paint.

Vinyl Record Storage

Older file cabinets typically boasted deep drawers that are at least 12 inches deep, if not more. And, since vinyl records (remember those?) are usually about 12 inches with their sleeve, they’ll fit inside perfectly.

The drawers will also protect your vinyl from outside debris, dust and moisture. Though this isn’t an airtight solution, it’s better than being stacked next to your record player. Finish your project by alphabetizing your collection and labeling each drawer.

To prevent the drawer sliders from breaking under the strain of the weight, try to put no more than 30 records in every drawer. You’ll also find that limiting the number of records in each of your metal storage cabinets will make browsing easier since you’ll have more room to flip through your selection.

Article originally published at Source by Trevor R. Price