In a world of common interests one of the most talked about topics, is the art and craft of interior design. However, when it comes to property design it’s not just the interiors that are being recognised, now the exteriors as well. Most people have an idea of their dream house goals and although these are found in a wide spread array, they all have a common link within the traditional setting of windows and doors.

Apart from some of the colourful exterior fascia’s you might spot, one of the first things that draws your eye on a property is the presentation of the windows and doors. Whether you’ve invested your life in a property as your home, or you’re buying a property to eventually sell on, the outside appearance alone can make the difference in property value. As a home, ideally you want something that’s not only presentable but also durable, safe and cost efficient.

Timber windows are seen as one of the most stylish and classic finishes to any property, and there are several different types that you can select from in the market today.

These days most timber windows have been given a modern twist by retaining double glazed panels between engineered timber which has proved to be more energy efficient. They are designed to stop any drafts coming through, and you’ll also have peace of mind that your property is safe from any unwanted intruders. In previous years timber windows have been hard to maintain given the nature of the material and gradual wear and tear, however in the modern days timber windows have been economically manufactured to be low maintenance and pleasantly easy to maintain.

There are so many varieties of timber windows to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice, however there is a popular choice that’s has dominated and is the reign of all timber windows, the Sash window! They have been the most sought after window architecture design throughout Great Britain for centuries, with their popularity reaching an all-time high in the Victorian times. Since then this design has gone down in history and is the most detectable style that we see around us today.

The manufacture of the design requires you to move one or more sections of the window in a sliding motion, with the dictation of a cord and a counter weight attached. The sections then ever so smoothly glide past one another leaving you with optimal access to the outside environment. With their effortless manoeuvres and their idyllic interior and exteriors you can see why they are such a popular choice.

Sash Windows can be installed in a variety of materials to suit your requirements but the most obvious choice tends to be timber given that it’s very solid and upholds a high resistance to wear and tear. The reason for such durability comes down to the layers of wood within that are layered on top of each other with the grain running in different directions. You can also request for them to be built with different finishes, colours and catches that can be personalised for you.

Next time you’re out and about whether your running errands, being the family taxi, or out for a leisurely stroll, look out for these new and improved timber windows as they certainly offer the most ideal and practical finish.

Article originally published at Source by Roxanne Tanner