Koi price is dependent on four main elements. They are valued according to its body shape, color, luster and pattern. The breeder will recognize a grand champion koi through its body shape which is the most important element to be considered. It is readily seen from the body shape of a young whether a baby koi has potential to reach at least 30 inches.

Another determining factor is the luster. Just like comparing cotton from a silk. Cottons are dry and dull while silks are softer and shinier. A good quality koi has that attractive sheen and luster all over the body.

But the characteristics to make a koi stunning does not stop at its luster, depth of its color is essential as well. Just like when you are painting a house. One coat of paint on the wall does not manifest its true and natural color. But applying sufficient amount of the paint on your wall will absolutely give you a satisfying result. The same goes with the depth of the color of koi. This means that the koi fish is of its highest grade even as they mature, you will be surprised to see that the color does not change unlike a light colored koi, as they mature the color also fades off.

The black color on the other hand is hardly a stable pattern not until its third year. The pattern does not matter for the breeder, as it is the grade or the scale of a deep and glossy black ink that is important. If this is seen, this same glossy black ink will manifest after a few years as they mature.

Lastly, the pattern must fit to the criteria of any koi in competition.

With this the breeder can categorize his fish in four categories, one star on each element. If a particular fish gets a four star then it is priced highest or marked as the highest quality koi fish. If a fish gets a three star then it places second in rank and so on and so forth.

Koi breeding is getting in demand nowadays for a number of reasons. One, it is a potential income generating business or second a breeder is overwhelmed with delight to raise such beautiful species and eliciting so much fulfillment in breeding koi.

A well-bred koi can oblige a good price in the market. This is another way of determining koi price.

Koi with distinctive qualities, or an unique one-of-a-kind koi makes it a more expensive fish. They are normally bred from varieties of high quality which usually manifests in the magnificent color. Again a breeder can demand a good deal from it especially to avid collectors.

Good breeders are meticulous when it comes to breeding. In order to have offspring that are attractive and with vividly color patterns, a significantly high quality male and female koi must be bred together. This type of koi is able to produce a good number of stunningly wonderful fry. Producing such fry will give the breeder another good price.

Koi price can be deceiving to an inexperienced hobbyist. It is wise to be wary when buying highly priced, expensive koi. Appearance is not the only factor that must be considered but health and the ability to reproduce, is as important as elegance and beauty. So be sensitive to the guidelines in buying or in pricing.

Article originally published at Source by Lexie Flower