Home renovation is definitely a must especially for houses which are considered historic and traditional. Home owners who find joy in purchasing 30-year old houses or even older ought to know significant components of their valuable investment when it comes to home upgrade. Lead and asbestos are two of the most prominent contents found in properties that have withstood time and age. It is of utmost importance to look out for these two salient components in the house and know their implications in your health and quality of your home.

For instance, it is imperative to know what lead and asbestos are in order to know how to deal with them in the course of your home remodeling project. Asbestos is known to be a common and widely used insulation material for broilers and furnaces in older homes. This is due to its fire-resistant features and durability that made it a reliable and preferred material for houses. Asbestos is likewise used for roofing system, floors and wall sidings among others. However in the succeeding years after its popularity in the construction industry, it has been banned due to its threat on the health and wellness of the human body. Therefore, if you have purchased a historic property, it is important that you check your foundations and check for asbestos materials in your home.

Renovating your house ought to be taken with utmost care and caution especially if you doubt that you have asbestos flooring or walls in the house. Never touch a single tile or wall without checking your local building authority and securing permit for the said major construction. This is because asbestos is not at all harmful when it stays intact, however when cracks or breaks are in the surface, it is sure to send out hazardous asbestos dusts. These elements are the ones preferred to be of fatal threat to those exposed to air containing the dusts. Furthermore, asbestos materials are definitely not recyclable, which means that it is not wise to reuse them especially when found damaged or broken.

The best thing to do is to secure a permit from local authorities and hire a licensed asbestos abatement specialist for the removal of your asbestos-contained home. These experts have substantial knowledge and training to properly do the removal of these materials without the threat of damaging them and increase the chances of emitting asbestos dust that is extremely dangerous when taken into the body.

Another component in traditional homes is the use of lead for the painting and surface coverage of walls both in home interior and exterior. Lead-based paints are common yet hazardous to health. These are known to trigger cases of nervous breakdown, hearing loss and IQ degradation among others. It is definitely harmful especially for young children who have weak immune system. Hence, upgrading your home with lead paint also needs abatement specialist to do the job of removing the paint without scraping or sanding the surface.

Checking your home for lead and asbestos especially during home renovation is essentially important. It definitely guarantees your health for a productive and reliable real estate investment.

Article originally published at Source by Rose B