Most would agree, homeowners should carefully, take care of, the interior and exterior of a house, as well as the grounds. However, for a variety of reasons, many fail to do so, often because of either financial considerations, lack of planning, a bit of ignorance, or becoming overwhelmed and under – prepared. This is a somewhat complex topic, but this article, will attempt to look at the 5 key areas to pay attention to, consider, and maintain. By no means are these the only considerations, but doing this, goes a long way, towards maintaining the structural integrity, and condition of a house.

1. Roofs: You may wonder why this area is referred to as roofs, rather than merely, the roof. The reason is, many houses have multiple roof locations, such as: over the main portion; the garage; door – ways; auxiliary areas, etc. When a new roof is installed, beware all new roofs are not the same! Each is given a rating, generally ranging from 20 years, to 40 years. That number is the anticipated life, under normal conditions and circumstances. Inspect your leaders and gutters, and seasonally assure, they are clear and obstruction – free. Some purchase systems for this, while others merely inspect them, on an annual or semi – annual basis. An ounce of prevention might prevent a huge amount of potential water damage, etc. While cleaning the gutters, visually check the integrity of the shingles and flashing. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, ask the person who does it for you, to check!

2. Windows: What type of windows are in your home? What is their age, material, condition, etc? Are there any air – leaks? What is the energy rating of these? Remember, windows have both a functional, as well as esthetic purpose, and pay attention to both. Fix cracks, make certain they open and close properly, evaluate the seal, etc.

3. Doors: Several considerations to review, in terms of your outer doors. First, are they hung properly? Do you see light seeping through either the sides, top or bottom? If so, you are probably also experiencing an air – leak! Get these hung properly, to address this condition. What material is your door? Know the advantages and disadvantages of different types, and which might best serve your needs! Paint exterior doors, on a regular basis, because they often undergo more wear – and – tear, than other areas!

4. Siding: If you have any sort of shingle, either aluminum, vinyl or wood, maintain it! Aluminum and vinyl should be inspected for damage and condition, and power washed. Wood shingles must also be scraped and painted. Fix minor damage quickly, before it becomes an expensive, involved job!

5. Insulation: Are there any areas of the house, which feel colder in the winter? What is the cause? How well insulated, and what type of insulation, is in the house? How challenging and costly, would additional insulation be, and would it address the issue, and save you on heating, air conditioning, and energy costs?

The best way to maintain a house is in small, logical steps. Maintaining a house is like the adage about eating an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Article originally published at Source by Richard Brody