Maintaining your mobile home is important to ensure that it remains in top shape for years to come. Regular maintenance will also help increase your home's resale value when it is time to move.

The roof of your mobile home is likely to be made of galvanized steel. To keep it well maintained you should clean debris from it periodically. You can usually achieve this by using a long brush. It's best that you never walk directly on the roof. Keep roof joints, seams, and edges coated with a quality roof coating product at least once a year. This will prevent leaks and prolonged damage.

The base of your mobile home should be checked periodically for corrosion. If you happen to see any affected areas they can be treated with quality paint with either asphalt base or zinc chromate.

Maintaining the gutter system of your mobile home can help reduce damage to your exterior. Never allow your gutters to be clogged with debris. Clean them out on a regular basis. In the long run this will save on incurred costs later on.

You will also need to keep the tracking systems of windows and doors kept clean. This will help them to slide and open appropriately as well as provide sufficient weatherization for your home. You can caulk windows as well as lubricate them to keep them sealed and working correctly. Clean exterior doors with hot soapy water. A sticking door may be your first indication that your mobile home is unlevel and it should be addressed appropriately. You will also need to keep them sealed correctly and check occasionally, especially at the change of the season.

The significant source of protection for your home is monitoring its health. Give checksups regularly.

Article originally published at Source by John W Webber