Exterior house decoration.

I'm going to tell you how we go about decorating the exterior of a house. This particular house has rendered walls and modern double glazed windows. The first thing we need to look at is access, do we need to get scaffolding (get a price) or work off ladders and towers. Go to your local shop shop and decide what you need to access the job. Order your equipment and check your start date with your customer, looking at the weather forecast is also a good idea bearing in mind we are working outside.

Now we need to find out the colors for walls, soffits, gutters, down pipes, doors and frames with the customer. Now before you start work we need to cover all floors benefit the job with tarpaulin so that paint and debris is kept off the floor. A good tip when painting is to use some throw away latex gloves to protect your skin.

Soffits and Gutters

The first thing we need to do is to brush down the area to be painted, next we rub down the surface so that it's flat and ready for a first coat of undercoat. When the first coat is dry we can then paint the topcoat with a gloss finish using the customer's colors.

Exterior walls

Now we are going to prepare the rendering to the outside walls, if there are any cracks in the surface they will need to be chashed out and then filled, when the filler is dry we can rub the repair down until it's flat and ready for painting .. The masonry paint we are using is rain proof in 30 minutes which is worth knowing in rain risk days. We now begin the first coat, and we cut in carefully to windows and other paint work using a 2 inch brush and cover the rest with a roller. Wait until dry and apply the second coat. It's wise to read painting instructions and also have a damp rag handy to wipe splashes or drips away.

Downpipes, Garage Doors and Door frames

The first thing we need to do is rub down all surfaces so that they are flat and ready for painting, we can then under coat and gloss to customers colors. Now we need to check the job over and touch up paint work where necessary. Put the lids on paint pots, clean the brushes if you can. If you can not clean brushes on the site then wrap them in cling film until you get home. It's a nice touch to clean the customer's windows before you go ;. Remove all ladders and equipment and floor covering, Make sure the floors have been swept up and all rubbish is bagged and taken away. Ask the customer to inspect the work and make sure he is happy, that's a good job done.

PS before you leave the area post a few of your flyers to the street where you have been working.

Article originally published at Source by Steven R Jones