Painting is often the first thing that comes to mind when homeowners want to make a series of home improvements that will give their home a fresh, new look. It is inexpensive and can be done as a DIY project. Choosing the right colors can be a bit difficult, especially considering all of the colors that are available.

Who knew there were well over 100 shades of white in the interior design world, as well as numerous shades of black, a plethora of blues, an abundance of oranges, and so on. For example, just a few shades of orange include: tangerine, salmon, mahogany, orange peel, tangelo, coral, and much more.

For homeowners stuck on which colors to choose for their homes, there are actually publications which put out the top paint color trends of the year. Choosing from the top paint color options of the year is a great place to start if you are stuck. Plus, if you choose popular colors you can easily find loads of images featuring interior designs with these hues. This is a great way to get ideas about what might work in your home and even how to combine color selections.

Read below to find out some of the top hues this year. You will also get an idea of ​​the feel each one will add to a space in your home.

HoneysuckleThis is Pantone's selected color of the year for 2011. Honeysuckles are colorful plants that attract hummingbirds. There are many colors of the plant, but the paint color references the deep pink color of some of these plants' blooms. It is a color that will bring vitality to any room. It manages not to have an adolescent bubble gum feel and has a romantic, warm, and bright feel.

Vintage WinePaint company, Benjamin Moore & Co., named Vintage Wine their color of the year for 2011. This chocolatey, deep-purple hue sounds as delicious as it looks. It is rich, deep color that has a heavier feel than a bright color like honeysuckle. It has an almost sensual appeal and brings a refined and mature aura to rooms. The color is full of natural brown tones that give it an earthy, balanced feel, making it an appropriate choice wherever you want to use it on a simple trim or an entire wall or ceiling.

Citrus YellowNext, international paint company ICI Dulux named Citrus Yellow their color pick of the year. This along with softer yellows like Lemon Chiffon are popular this year because of their cheery feel and sunshine-like look. When times are hard, people need to be uplifted and something as simple as the right wall paint colors can help people gain a sense of relaxation and positivity.

Article originally published at Source by Lexe Charleston