Rendering is usually seen as a higher cost exercise, but it can, literally, add thousands to the value of your house and make it a more pleasant place to live.

One of the ways to render is to take a tough impact resistant board and attach it to the walls. This will then be covered up with a polymer render finish, which will give you a designer finish. This type of rendering can be done on many different types of homes, such as concrete, cladded and fibro homes, and to masonry walls. This type of installation is also more than 30% more efficient than regular insulation in walls. If you are looking to get a brick home rendered, that is possible too.

Rendering is considered very durable and provides a nice smooth finish. The one big drawback to using pure white renders is that they can get very dirty easily, and may require a lot of maintenance. The upfront cost of rendering may seem very pricey in the beginning, but overall it helps to pay for itself. One of the main benefits of rendering is the added home value, this can be achieved by hiring a company of renders who will apply either cement or acrylic rendering to your home. The main purpose of rendering is that it is very durable, and should last many years.

Another key feature about using render is that it helps to isolate your home properly. Having external wall insulation like render is a sure way to add value to your home. You will usually see the method of rendering for insulation being added to housing associations to help improve their energy efficiency.

If you are considering selling your home then you should really look into the option to render. It will not only add much needed value to your property but give it a big boost in appearance, and help to insulate it better. A well-insulated home is always popular on the housing market. Many people tend to complain about cold air leaking through or warm air leaking out. This lack of insulation is a leader in increasing your heating and electricity bill.

The bottom line is that rendering your home is a benefit for all, and adds much needed value if and when you plan on putting your house on the market. A home that is well insulated specifically with render will be a key seller.

Article originally published at Source by Wanda Arnold