When you have a water cooler, you will be able to fulfill the needs of water in your house and your office without any mess. But, if your water cooler leaks, you will not be able to avoid the mess caused by this unit. For this, you will find that there are many troubleshooting ways that you can try to diagnose and solve the leaking problem.

Firstly, you should determine the location of the leaking and the speed that of the leaking. If the source of leaking is in the spout/spigot, you should try tightening the knob of this part. This will shut the spout/spigot completely.

Secondly, you should mark the level of the water. With this way, you will be able to determine the speed of the water that leaks from the unit. This will also help you to pinpoint the hole where source of the leaking.

Thirdly, you should remove the bottle from the water cooler. Then, you should place it in the sink or put it in the place where the leaking water will not mess your floor or your furniture. You should inspect the bottles to find the leaks or punctures. If you find them, you should ask your water provider to replace the bottle. While waiting the new bottle, you can put a large container under the spigot/spout to catch the leaking water.

Next, you should check the place where the water cooler is sitting. This is called as the reservoir. Find out if there is clog in this part since this is the place where the water comes out from the spigot/spout. If you find any trickle, you should remove it. Then, you should also make sure that you check the spigot/spout for any broken handles or seals. When is a crack in this part, this will cause the leakage.

Lastly, you should consider replacing the spigot. You can purchase it in your water bottled provider. You can also buy this part in the manufacturer where you buy your water cooler. Additionally, you should also check all seals of the cooler so that you can replace them if they are broken. Now, you can have a good water cooler that can work properly so that you can get the water that you want.

Article originally published at Source by Tom F Yates