In the cold, wet months of winter, it’s easy to procrastinate on home improvement and repair projects. Exterior tasks simply aren’t as feasible. But now that it’s spring, you need to get those pesky problems taken care of-before they get any worse!


If your roof is deteriorating, or allowing water to penetrate into your home, you need to have it assessed by a professional roofer immediately. The stakes are high when it comes to roofing repair because if you wait too long or have it installed improperly you could end up with damage to the insulation, drywall, paint, furniture, and everything else that’s under your roof!

Signs you need new a roof can include:

  • Curled up shingles
  • Asphalt worn off the shingles
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Spots on your interior ceiling
  • Black or green streaks
  • The age of your roofing

When it comes to protecting your home and family, professional roofing contractors are a must. Not only can they accurately evaluate the state of your existing roof, but they also have the skills and experience to install your roof properly.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the gateways to your home; however, many people don’t realize the importance of maintaining and replacing these fittings. If a window or door is old or damaged, it needs to be replaced. Old windows leak heat and air-conditioning, raising energy costs, while new thermal windows can help you conserve energy. Broken windows and doors are not only dangerous to your family, but they also leak heating and cooling, allow pests to enter your home, permit moisture to pass through, and can even grow mold and fungus.

Door and window replacement is an easy and relatively hassle-free process. Adventurous DIYers can handle most types of window and door replacement, but using a professional will guarantee correct installation and make the process totally stress-free.

Siding Installation or Replacement

Tired of your old aluminum siding? Sick of scraping and repainting your wood siding every few years? Looking for an energy-efficient house siding solution? Then it’s time for siding replacement. With the great selection of siding products available today-including high-tech insulated vinyl and cement fiber, you’re sure to get great looks and superior performance out of your new siding!

The two most popular options in house siding today are vinyl and cement fiber. Vinyl siding is hugely popular because it is low maintenance, long-lasting, durable, good-looking, and affordable. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding won’t rot or need painting. A new option in vinyl siding is insulated vinyl, which offers low maintenance and attractive appearance as well as the added benefit of thermal insulation to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Cement fiber siding, a newer exterior siding material, is made from compressed concrete and wood fiber. It has the strength and longevity of cement and the appearance of wood. Cement fiber siding is extremely durable and offers the beauty of wood siding without all the maintenance. And, although cement fiber is more expensive than vinyl, it can easily last the lifetime of your home, making it a fantastic value over the long term. Contact your local siding contractor to learn more about the options available for upgrading your siding.

Exterior Painting

When your house paint is starting to flake, peel, chip, or just look dull, it affects the whole appearance of your home-and it also leaves your house exposed to damage! You need to call a professional house painter today. They’ll be able to correctly prepare the surfaces, repair damage, and apply paint to get your home looking great again.

Many homeowners don’t realize that house paint is about more than aesthetics: the paint is there to shield your house from the elements and environmental dangers, not just to look pretty! Exterior paint is designed to safeguard your home from UV rays, mold, moisture, and even insects. However, when the paint starts to wear off, it no longer fulfills these roles, leaving your house vulnerable! That’s why it’s crucial to keep your house paint in good repair, and to have your home promptly repainted when the paint does begin to wear off.

So if winter weather has kept you from going through with exterior home repairs, now is the time to get them fixed. The longer you put off home improvements like window replacement or a new roof, the more likely it is that your house will develop real (and expensive) problems. As with most things, an ounce of prevention goes a long way! Call your localhome improvement contractor today.

Article originally published at Source by Matt Gallo