Stucco is a type of building material that is composed of an aggregate, binder and water. Stucco is usually used in the construction of buildings and homes for many years now. It is mostly applied on the exterior part of a building but it can be used as both exterior and interior finish. Before, interior stucco is formed by combining marble dust, lime and water to form a smooth plaster which you can later shape, design or even paint.

Stucco is known to be very durable, water-resistant and attractive as a wall covering. It is usually applied in one or two thin layers directly on a stone surface, a brick or solid granite. Traditionally, stucco is a cement mixture that is combined with water, sand and lime to create a smooth plaster that can be used for sliding. Even wooden walls are often covered with stucco mixture as finish coating to give it a more solid and striking appearance.

Stucco is applied wet and it hardens to a very solid form. Using this in your home can make your home more durable and can make it last for many, many years. There are synthetic kinds of stucco that people sometimes confuse with genuine stucco but then one thing is for sure authentic stucco is durable and heavier compared to synthetic ones. You can also determine if the stucco is genuine or authentic by tapping the wall and a wall made of genuine stucco will give a hard solid sound. Authentic stucco is also very absorbent and even when it gets very wet it can remain solid and durable. It absorbs moisture fast and can easily dry up.

You can also create different designs when you use stucco on the exterior part of your house. If you are not used to using stucco then you should seek help from professional home builders. They can also help make sure that you get all the benefits and advantages that authentic stucco provides. With authentic stucco you can build a strong, durable and attractive home that can last for many generations.

Article originally published at Source by Adam Roseland