When undertaking a home landscaping project, many people will decide that they want to use an attractive stone to create their driveway, pathways, patio and pool surrounds. Sandstone, one of the more popular stones for these uses, is chosen for its aesthetic features, its durability and its versatility. When next creating the various spaces in your landscaping or renovation project, consider the use of sandstone for you choose these reasons:

• Its rustic material and neutral tones allow sandstone to remain cool underfoot in summer and radiate warmth during winter.

• Sandstone can be sealed against the elements, allowing it to be resistant to moisture and corrosion.

• It retains its colour much better than other stones that are constantly exposed to the elements and are located in high-traffic areas.

• Sandstone pavers are fairly easy to replace should they ever become damaged, and only need a little cement to become stuck to a surface.

• It is available in a range of colours, allowing the choice of sandstone that will match your existing or intended décor.

– Deep brown, auburn and chocolate coloured sandstone contains a high quantity of iron oxide, allowing it to hide marks and stains.

– Yellow sandstone is highly resistant to salt (including salty breezes from the ocean) and acid water.

– Beige, cream, light grey and white sandstones will be riddled with purple or red lines that actually trace where water has entered the stone (these shades of sandstone are commonly used in sculpturing).

– Red and pink sandstone has a non-slippery surface that is resistant to weathering.

• Sandstone that has been properly sealed from the very beginning, and has this seal regularly maintained, will last a lifetime.

• It is available in a range of sizes, shapes and forms, so that sandstone can be used in any pathway design imaginable.

• Sandstone is suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications.

• It is a fairly low maintenance stone once it has been installed in your home or on your property.

There is a range of indoor and outdoor applications for sandstone pavers, making it a highly versatile and functional choice of stone. When next completing a landscaping or renovation project in your home or business, why not consider utilizing one of the spectacular shades of this stone? With all the benefits that the stone will bring your property, it is certainly not a decision that you will regret.

Article originally published at Source by Harrie Dadhwal