Actually living in a studio apartment could really limit you both physically and mentally, but it doesn’t have to restrict your thoughts. So, you have a chance to design the entire outlook of your room according to your requirements, as it’s completely in your hands. In actual fact, if you want to twist your living room into seaside front chattels, that is totally possible.

So, for this purpose if you previously have an aquarium, you can take advantage of that and could turn it into complete new theme. A preserved palm tree is astonishingly affordable and it also looks great inside the room. If you place down a huge section of artificial grass, the effect of the tree would be enhanced approximately ten-fold. Actually a huge background in the shape of a beach painting will help you in turning your studio apartment into complete tropical hideaway. And in this way, you really don’t have to waste a thousand dollars on an art lay up for the painting.

Usually colors could represent a reasonable solution for those people who want to alter their studio and want to make the delusion of a bigger space. The alternative of shades is limitless as the color palettes have unimaginable shade. Additionally, the latest formula of colors eliminates the intolerable paint stink which are used for determining people to select alternative to every possible technique to freshen their rooms.

Actually colors are just like magic and they could help you to obtain a variety of optical illusions for improving the features of your home. Or we can say for your studios, where the accessible space is extremely limited, you have to use spongy and bright colors only for giving the impression of a bigger space and keep away from dark colors because they will definitely create the contradictory effect.

We are not saying that you have to surround your walls of the room with white color. Actually there are a range of shades which you could use without being dull. Just like some neutral colors, for example, squashy grey, cream color, beige color are some of the shades that you could select for creating an impression of a bigger space and still renew the look of your home & studio with painting.

On the other hand if you select non-neutral colors, then you could select any shade from blue to red given that you have to make sure that the color is not too dark. Even though dark colors are more attractive because they generate a vivid atmosphere in your entire house, that’s why they should, nonetheless, be avoided agreed to the present circumstances.

Article originally published at Source by Alison Summit