Painting your house's interiors is something that you can actually do. Aside from saving money, you can likewise earn money by accepting painting jobs once you get the hang of it. While most articles focus on honing your painting skills, this article aims to give you tips as well as safety reminders when painting inside the house. Here are some tips.

Use drop cloths instead of newspapers. Newspapers can easily be removed, so areas might be exposed to paint.

Make time for preparation. Allocate at least one day for this alone.

Invest in quality paint brushes. Choose longer bristles that taper off from the base to the end. This means that it can hold paint well and a smoother finish will result. Invest in good quality rollers as well. The nap or cover width would depend on the surface where it will be used. Experts suggest a lambskin cover, as these hold paint well and do not leave roller marks during application.

Take care of your painting tools. When done, make sure to clean the brush right away. If you intend to use them at a later time within the day, wrap them with plastic or foil to prevent the paint from drying. For rollers, you can store them in airtight plastic bags.

If you use a paint tray for the roller, cover it with plastic first before pouring some paint. When you're done, just remove the plastic and dispose properly. Since there is less paint left on the tray, washing it would not be too difficult.

Safety Tips

Always wear protective gear when doing a painting job. Goggles and rubber gloves are the essentials. It is also important that there is proper ventilation in the working area, as vapors and fumes from paints and stains may cause harm. To protect yourself from these fumes, you may use a respirator. Keep children and pets away from the area.

Since there may be some sanding involved, make sure to vacuum the dust off. During sanding, wear a dust mask, and goggles for eye protection.

Use your step ladder properly. Remember that the height of the ladder must be enough for you to reach the ceiling. For higher ceilings and walls, use scaffolding.

Painting inside a house can be a lucrative part-time job. Keep in mind that painting is a skill that you can learn only by actual practice. So do not fret if you can not do it perfectly the first time. Take it as a chance for you to repaint and start again!

Article originally published at Source by Tim Lee