What about Victorian paint colors? Well, one of the most popular and oldest fashions in home decor is undecidedly the Victorian styles which continue to rule the hearts of the onlookers. It had its impressive beginning during Queen Victoria's reign which is also termed as the Victorian era.

It was a period which soon followed the Industrial Revolution and the citizens were eager to display their sound economy and their flair to be a trendsetter. In fact, the authentic Victorian paint colors are quite muted with dramatic contrasts to highlight the architectural beauties. But it was not the case always as there were individuals favoring strong and dark colors during the Victorian era. A handful of Victorian homes that chose the vibrant and bright colors, so much unlike their neighbors, were known as the 'Painted Ladies'.

The interior Victorian paint colors are no short of being awesome with the right choice of furnishing and decors. If you are a person who is looking for the unique blend of antique and fashionable colors then there can be no better choice than the Victorian paint colors. The List of Enthralling Victorian paint colors

The common shades of Victorian paint colors are leathery browns, lighter creams, olive green, and rich blues. Apart from these, it is almost a default that Victorian decorations have strong and dominating shades of red along with egg shell or mauve shades. If you are having a dilemma while walking between the lighter and the darker shades, you can pick out the colors depending upon the rooms you wish to decorate. For instance, it will be ideal to go for darker shades if you plan for a formal look as in the case of evening rooms or dining rooms. Whereas in the case of rooms you spend your part of the day relaxing and rejuvenating, lighter shades of Victorian paint colors will be more pleasant. There are several experts, both online and offline, who are eager to let you know the best combination.

Choosing the Best of Victorian Paint Colors

To get a better understanding, here is a sample of how the Victorian colors can give the richest and the ravishing looks. The hallways can be painted with neutral shades such as tans and gray while the wallpapers can be in contrasting bright colors with paisley patterns or vibrant floral. For getting the perfect Victorian decorating effects, it will be prudent if you paid attention even to the furniture, upholstery, and rugs. The tassels, stained glasses, lace, and other decor will be richly complementing the Victorian paint colors.

In fact, there are several impressive color schemes such as Monochromatic color schemes in which different shades of same color can be used, Complementary color schemes involves choosing opposite colors (such as red and green), Triadic color schemes deals with selecting three colors that are at equal distance on the color wheel (for instance, yellow-orange, blue-green, or red-violet), and the Adjacent color schemes involve colors which have related shades (such as green, blue, and green-blue).

Remember that sky is the limit for imagination and you can choose the best combination to suit your taste.

Article originally published at Source by Delilah Parker