Owning a home comes with many added responsibilities, like painting the exterior of your house. When looking for exterior house painting ideas, people often push one in the direction of a few dusty shades such as beiges and grays which are often safe but dull options.

However, these dull shades rarely make a house become the eye catcher of the street. Selecting bold and striking colors that when included in the correct house painting scheme can make your house stand out and look stunning.

Here are a few bold house paint colours that are worth a try,


Usually used to bring interest to the interior of the house, Red is a stunning exterior house painting color. A deep rose red also is very fitting as an accent in exterior house painting, it goes really well with shades of beige and stone bricked walls.


Yellow is a bright and sunshiny shade that can bring happiness and a welcoming feel to a home. This color, when used with the correct accents, can make a house stand out as the happiest and most attractive on the street.

Blush pink

Yes, pink. A shade that can easily add character to the wall and bring out a Victorian or traditional personality to exterior walls.

Pastel Shades

Pastels have become highly popular as interior house paint colors. However, their magic is not limited to that. Shades like mint, peach are wonderful colors on the pastel scale. It is a myth that these colors are reserved for a beach-side home. Any home would look beautiful painted in these light yet elegant shades.

Brick Orange

Orange might seem too much for a home, but using the right shade of orange can do wonders. This does not mean taking orange shade like the fruit, but using the right shades of orange like pale orange or brownish brick orange to bring glamor and appeal to the exterior walls.


Not many people opt to try their hand at this brave color. However, violet is a shade of purple that can definitely make your home the standout house in the neighborhood, in all the right ways.


Black is a bold color that is usually restricted to trims, doors, and highlights. However, black is a great option for painting modern houses or even classic homes.

Painting houses are not as simple as choosing a paint color for walls. These are larger surfaces which need more than one shade of the color, and more than three colors to stand out. However, one must choose colors that can stand the direct sunlight and yet not look too overwhelming and repulsive to onlookers.

One can opt to take advice from professionals and online software to get a glimpse of how the chosen colors will look on the outside walls.

Article originally published at Source by Anni Patel