There are so many ways to improve the exterior appearance of your home. You have two basic options in enhancing the exterior surface – vinyl siding and paint. Both these options have their respective pros and cons. Thus, it is essential to get to know each application so you could better choose which one is right for you and your home.

Vinyl Siding
Vinyl from polyvinyl chloride plastic is the main material used in this application. Many advertisements have claimed how permanent this material can be. It also comes in different grains and colors. And new types boast of colors having baked through the material instead of superbly applied. Through this mechanism, the color may last longer. It does not peel out and even offer a certain tolerance against extreme weather.

As for its maintenance, it typically requires a once-a-year washing. Newer vinyl siding brands even come with special features like perforated structure to enable moisture to escape. This material is also preferred by many homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness and affordability. It is cheaper by 25 to 50 percent compared with wood or aluminum siding.

But along these positive points are some issues attached with vinyl. Firstly, environmental concerns are always pointed when this material is used in homes. Although it may be a safe home siding material, its disposal poses health and environmental hazards like when it is caught on fire. It may produce highly toxic fumes.

Despite its durability, vinyl can be damaged by windblown debris, strong hail or when stuck by heavy duty equipment like ladders or lawnmower. Maintenance problems with it may also be experienced when it has been used in older homes. Such type of property may be more susceptible to moisture, mold, mildew and insect infestation. You may have to regularly check if the space between the siding and trimming needs recaulking.

Property values ​​may be affected as well when vinyl is used as a siding material. While it has grown in popularity, quality and variety, home buyers do not need to share the same appreciation for it. Majority of buyers presume to think that such material is used to conceal major problems of the property.

There are many types of paint that you can use for exterior walls. There are hundreds of shades to choose from. And together with the rise of paint type development, there are various exterior painting techniques and tools like power sprayers available in most home improvement markets. It is also the cheapest option to improve a home.

While it may be low cost, it may be labor intensive and time consuming. Tasks such as sanding, priming, touch ups and finishing are often taxing. Its durability is also questioned. The key though to avoid easily fading house paint is to choose light colors. Intense dark colors tend to absorb heat, which then causes moisture problems.

Just like vinyl, some paints have been associated with environmental and health problems. Some brands have toxic chemicals. And while there are eco-friendly paints, these may be more expensive and are limited in selection of colors and availability in stores.

Given both sides of the coin for using vinyl siding and paint, you now have the discretion as to which one fits your home style, needs and neighborhood.

Article originally published at Source by Marikor Hidalgo