All homeowners need a suitable gutter system to help protect their home from water and roof damage. The gutter system helps to keep the rainwater from standing on your roof and help to direct the water into specific areas. It will help to get rid of the “waterfall” effect that the rainwater produces when it falls off your homes side if there are no gutters in place. Metal gutters use to be the choice of homeowners. Now vinyl gutters are becoming more popular. As with any type of guttering, there are pros and cons.


• Very affordable- this is why they are a popular choice for homeowners looking for an affordable alternative to having metal gutters. Metal gutters range in price but on average they are forty dollars per linear foot.

• Easy installation- this is due to vinyl gutters being lightweight and being more maneuverable. It also reduces the time to install them so this can reduce the overall cost of professional installation services.

• Easily maneuverable- this makes connecting the different parts of the gutter system much easier and simpler.

• Highly durable- it gives the gutter system an extended visual appeal and a longer lifespan.

• Attaches to the house easier- because they are not as heavy as metal gutters, the weight-bearing capacity are reduced for the mounting structure that secures the vinyl gutters to the home.

• Vinyl gutters do not corrode or rust.

• These gutters are all one single so it will not show dings or scratches like the painted metal gutters.

• They are more resistant to dings and dents

• Low maintenance- vinyl gutter systems do not require any rust preventatives or painting and if any minor damage occurs, it can be easily patched


• It is more susceptible to weather as they are not recommended for particular areas. If you live in an area where temperatures are extremely high on a regular basis the vinyl gutters can start to warp. In areas that are consistently colder, the vinyl may become more fragile due to the changes from warmer to colder temperatures. This can potentially lead to brittleness or cracking of the material. Vinyl gutters work better for areas with temperature fluctuation of mild to moderate. Heavy rainfall can also cause them to warp.

• Variances in quality-on the market today there is few styles to choose from due the variations in the thickness of the plastic that is used for different models of vinyl gutters. To get the highest level of quality make sure that you avoid the thinner vinyl gutters The thicker materials do cost more but they guarantee longer lifespan and the quality of workmanship is higher

Article originally published at Source by Lora Davis