Exterior paint choices in terms of color, texture and finishes are never-ending. It can prove to be a daunting task for homeowners to make the right choice. Below explained are some exterior paint finishes that you can set for depending upon their suitability towards your home.

Satin finish paints: Satin finish exterior paint is a bit glossy but not too shiny either. If you want to give a cottage yet classy look to your home exteriors you can try using these paints. The best part of this finish is it suits wooden surfaces well, so you need not worry about painting the doors and windows with other paint finish. It is easy to clean and maintain walls painted with satin finished paintings. Whether it's the powerful sun rays or the pressure washing or the dirt and dust that the regular winds lead to accumulating on your home walls, you need not worry about any of it.

Flat finish paintings: A popular choice amongst paintings is that of flat finish. Such paints typically do not have any sheen when applied to the walls and do not reflect light too. If your walls have minute flaws flat finish can conceive them in the best possible manner. Just make a smart color choice and the rest will surely give you the desired results. As these paints do not have shine and stick to the surface it is advisable not to coat your doors and windows with such finishes. You can however make use of satin finish paints for that purpose.

Gloss finish paintings: As the name suggest, gloss finish exterior paints have too much shine element to them. This is a major reason why one should avoid using them heavily to paint exterior walls. This finish is ideal for painting door and windows. You can also use them to highlight something that you want visitors to attract with, for instance a piece of art hung over your door would dazzle even more if its borders are painted with gloss finish paint. In short where you want the eyesballs to reach you can make use of this finish but be sure not to overuse this paint finish.

Textured finish paints: There are a lot of textured paintings which are very apt for exterior painting. You can choose from sprayed effect to the hugely popular roller brush effect, these can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home exteriors. If you are using subtle colors and fear experimentation with your wall paint color, textured paintings are just right for you. Generally home interiors are filled with drama and jazz but you can bring it in your exteriors too and make your home appear equally wonderful outside.

Article originally published at Source by Wilson Treavor