Many home buyers buy their homes far more, from an emotional standpoint, than from a logical, clear – cut one! While this is understandable, since so many of our memories and treasures, are associated with the place we live, doing so, haphazardly, or recklessly, can be a dangerous mistake. Beware that while most homeowners, who are selling their houses, are honorable, nice people, there are some, out there, who lack that same high level of integrity. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, I have witnessed times, when someone did a minor alteration, consisting of painting, cleaning, odor – removal, and perhaps, staging, so a less – than – most desirable house, became more saleable. We always recommend that a buyer utilize the services of a recommended, licensed, profession, home INSPECTOR.

1. Inside; interior: Most of us only see what’s obvious, because we either don’t have the experience or expertise, to examine what needs to be checked out fully, Has every outlet, faucet, etc, been tested? What is the condition of the floors, walls, foundation, etc? Look behind, under, and around the beautifully staged furniture? Have you taken measurements, so you can know if your furniture and belongings, will fit properly, in this house?

2. Neighborhood: Take the time to drive carefully around the neighborhood. Do this at several times during the day, and check traffic, noise, neighbors, etc, so you feel comfortable there.

3. Schools; systems: If you either have children, or plan to, go to the Board of Education/ School Administrator’s Office, and ask questions, and address any concerns. Remember to consider the house’s systems, including water, electrical, plumbing, sprinklers, etc.

4. Price: Ask for price comparisons, of similar houses, which are either on the market presently, or have recently sold. How does this house compare?

5. Exterior: Check chimney, roof, foundation, grounds, gutters, ground pitch, walkways, concrete, brick, and/ or shingle. If there are issues, have the Inspector, give you some idea of whether it is a big thing to fix, or rather simple.

6. Condition: How would you rate the overall condition of the house? Is there any evidence of previous flooding, cracks in corners, or faults, which might be a major issue in the future?

7. Taxes; termites; transportation: Has there been any previous evidence of termite infestation? If so, was it treated properly? Ask the present owner to supply a Termite Guarantee, from a licensed pest control company. Remember to include all taxes, including county, town, village, school, etc, in your estimation of monthly carrying costs. How available and convenient is public transportation, and access to major highways, etc?

8. Outside: Look at the entire grounds, and not just what’s immediately next to the house. Is there any evidence of conditions, such as erosion, sink – holes, over – grown trees, etc. What is the overall appearance, view, direction faced, and how do your neighbors maintain their properties?

9. Reasonable: Don’t expect any house to be perfect! However, make sure that any changes or alterations, you will need or want to make, are both possible, and reasonable.

Get a recommendation of a reliable INSPECTOR, and pay attention to his report. In addition, be your own inspector, checking on other factors, which might impact, your big decision!

Article originally published at Source by Richard Brody