Typically, one coat of paint won’t give you the solid, full color you are looking for. In addition one coat of paint will not provide the durability you are hoping to get out of your newly painted walls. One coat of paint often times is difficult if not impossible to clean up if the walls get dirty (and you know they will) on both the interior and exterior of the home.

Another reason to avoid a single coat is “holidays” (spots missed). Also, any change in color will bleed through one coat hindering the true color of the paint. Lastly you can choose any color you like when applying two coats of paint. If you only do one coat you cannot cover up a dark color with a light color. A two coat application will look better on your home and last twice as long. This is just a better investment for you as the customer.

On average, one-coat paint jobs last just 3 years. This is usually what a home builder will apply, and that is why most new homeowners paint after 3 years of moving into their new home. Two-coat paint applications can last up to 10 years.

The cost difference between applying 1 and 2 coats of paint is minimal. A paint contractor can usually apply a second coat of paint 4 times as quick as the first coat because the preparation work is the biggest time consumer when setting up for the first coat. Also, the surface on the second coat are less porous because the first coat fills all voids/cracks/holes. The average paint contractor charges just 20% more than the first coat price, and thus this investment, if you plan to live in the home or change the color is well worth that additional cost.

Article originally published at Source by Geoff A Sharp